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We are committed to supporting new models of community development that prioritize the redistribution of wealth. We operate in the Pacific Northwest, on stolen land, where systemic oppression has harmed communities and dominates the cultural narrative. We welcome working with intersectional justice seekers and creatives to reimagine and decolonize our systems and minds by centering and prioritizing collection liberation.

Grid Notes specializes in strategic development, operational planning, communications, project management, fund development, and content creation for small to medium organizations. Founded by Jamie Melton, they like to explore conversations and projects that prioritize the underinvested aspects of society, approaching each unique project with transparency and possibility.


An environmentalist and intersectionalist, Jamie centers resourcefulness and patience in work and life. She communicates using the colonizer languages of English, Spanish, and French and has over a decade of experience working with human rights organizations and grassroots community development initiatives.

Jamie lives in North Portland, prioritizing time near mountains and rivers.


Thank you to collaborators that have made projects listed on this site possible:

Alfonso Muñoz Cortez (translation, editing)

Amy Bell (UX/UI development)

Anders Leajgeld (photography, production)

Emilly Prado (writing, editing, project management)

Erik Thomas Harris (graphic design, illustration)

Jennifer Kay Moore (writing, editing)

Jesus Contreras (production, videography)

John Akira Harrold (graphic design, printing)

Joshua Josue (production, photography, videography)

Kathleen Dolan (planning, research, copywriting)

Letra Chueca (graphic design, printing)

Manuel Marin-Foucher (planning & development)

Margaux Mennesson (planning, research, copywriting)

Mariano Spina Novoa (graphic design, printing)

Nai Zhao (project management, operational development)

if institutional credentials matter: 

  • LinkedIn

  • Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, University of Oregon

  • Graduate Certificate in Sustainability, Portland State University

  • Certificate in Nonprofit Technology Management, NTEN

  • Master Recycler, Metro / City of Portland

  • Star Player Award, Hacienda CDC, Housing Oregon

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